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This section includes some genuine Fender, Gibsons and other name brands , as well as pictures of our custom models. MIM, MIJ, USA guitars that have special mods/upgrades/ aging/relicing, etc...

IF you have a guitar you want given an aged/vintage look ,mods/ upgrades , etc...                                                                                                                                

NOTE: Fender Decal's will not be applied to any headstocks. All those with decals are genuine Fender guitars

Fender®, Tele®, Telecaster®, Strat®, and Stratocaster® is a trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corp (FMIC) FVcustomguitars is not affilliated with FMIC

Upgrade to a titanium block

Certainly a 100% thin nitro finish is easier to work with. But we've come up with some great techniques now to relic even a guitar with a poly finish !  So if you have a less guitar that you love and are attached to, but would like to improve on it in some way , give us a call to see what is possible

Fender Highway One with a refin, aluminum gold guard added, vintage tuners, etc.. aged to a nice medium level

This is the highway one neck aged with vintage tuners put on. tear drop fingerwear, and Fenders decal masked and darkened like vintage necks


Our customers are always amazed at how thier necks feel after we take down the finish, stain Properly oil the back. And since we are aging the guitar , we can really get in there to roll and soften the fretboard edge and frets

                                                                              Here is the back of a MIM neck with a soft V and vintage specs on the top  (properly sanded stained and oiled back)

Many of these are guitars with a poly finish, but can still look good reliced

Sonic blue with a mild aging  

Example of a heavier relic job on a poly finished guitar (although I prefer doing medium aging when its a poly guitar, this came out pretty good

early  1990's  MIM reissue/specialedition

aged scratch area,  fretboard edge and pickup covers (bakelite style)

Photo below was contrasted to easier see the subtle blade checking

Lake Placid Blue

imitation of early bakelite style aging on covers and knobs of this new mary kay style strat

Mahogany neck with ebony board

MIM surf green re issue, with a poly finish              

Polyurethane sonic blue body with medium aging

the shiny production poly look  buffed down to get a nice soft satin look 


Another way to age the knobs

tuners changed to vintage correct, string tree mod, ambered, decal highlighted, etc...

Gibson LP with Floyd before and after

2007 MIM Standard

BEFORE AND AFTER                                          

another poly finish guitar with aging

typical area I like to do blade checking on

Nice to to put a mint green guard on a white strat as well like belowThis is one of my customs with a built in amp (see link below to hear the amazing sustain and feedback out of this)  

This is one of my customs with a built in amp (see link below to hear the amazing sustain and feedback out of this)  


Bakelite style cover aging and marks on neck from years of plaing chords (hack away divot to get at the truss rod between sets)

custom natural finish with aged tinits

carved sawtooth design border on many of our custom models

Mahogany neck with ebony on a with a black body

Marshall Seese's custom build (great singer songwriter who plays lefty but with strings like a righty)

aged tele pickup

getting rid of the production off the shelf look on this Sambora strat



Here is a MIM jimmy vaughn strat. Another great MIM  guitar to upgrade, mod and age

this one was upgraded with gold tuners

Can't forget the tele's !

BEFORE  (MIM tele with a poly finish)




ancient old ARNOLD HOYER
huge jazz box
that needed a lot of work
(neck is a gibson knock off, also
very old)
Fralin P90's

big fat woody sound

customers Anna Nicole project

This was a great find

Early Fender USA Highway One with a
true blonde color (not the ugly honeyblonde
hearing aid fleshy color)

sample of hand shaped trem arm tips
(see high end guitar section for more)

NATURAL hand rubbed finish's that get better with time

Making a plain black strat come alive
(anodized gold guard, gold hardware, aging,
upgraded pickups and block, tinted neck, etc...

BEFORE   Virtuoso guitarist Jim Ryan of the Flying Ryan Brothers old EPI spirit that I gave an interesting makeover to.


another aged and distressed metal guard

GIBSON SG makeover

Customers EPI spirit makeover

wood turned trem arm tips

Case aging

Also lacquering/ambering/aging tweed covered amps

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