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NOW RELICING ON YOUR EXISTING GUITAR (even with poly finish's)

Below are some examples of  guitar aging (most are genuine Fenders as well as some custom models).

You could find more examples of aging on the custom "S STYLE model" and "T STYLE  model's " pages as well as the "Misc. custom/aging, etc..."

Fender®, Tele®, Telecaster®, Strat®, and Stratocaster® are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Corporation (FMIC) FVcustomguitars is not affilliated with FMIC

Under no condition would we put a Fender Decal on a guitars headstock (those seen with them are genuine Fender headstocks/necks

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highway one refin'd in olympic white, gold aluminum guard, changed tuners, upgrade pickups with medium aging

When aging necks , we usually take the finish off the entire back of the neck, roll the fretboard edges and dress the fret ends

aging on a MIM strat with a poly finish

Contrasted photo to show subtle blade   checking

BIA  with

Black highway one strat with a gold anodized aluminum guard

Custom S style 3 humbucker

A MIM standard with poly finish

blade checking

Lake placid Blue

Custom natural hand rub finish's

CUSTOM natural finish with aged tints

Distressed metal guard with Fralin split blade pickups

 Customers EPI SPIRIT 

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