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We are a small company and most of the work is done by Frank Verrilli


Frank Verrilli is originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut. He has been a full time artist for over 25 years, (go to http//:www.FrankVerrilli.com/  to view his art work) intially in his career he worked exclusively in wood, carving both relief and 3 dimensionally, he later began doing pieces in stone and casting pieces in bronze as well. So his background is quite different then most guitar makers.

About 15 years ago he was given a commission to carve on a guitar, and since he also plays a little, he thought he’d make one for himself. About the same time he started appreciating vintage tube amplifiers. And soon he became hooked
on the process of building a guitar that would incorporate his sensibility of design
and also function well with great tone. Looking at his artwork one can see certain principles that he naturally would apply to his guitars. Aside from his intricate carvings he does on some of the bodies. He’s come up with some other very distinct features.
He also relies on a lot of “relicing” techniques to add to his earthy and organic style.

“I like a guitar to look like its alive, and has some character, (avoiding the production look)
having a comfort and looseness about It that makes it very approachable,
so you want to hold it and play, And of course, not have to worry about scratching
It… sought of a work in progress that gets better with time”.


Guitarist for the Zac Brown Band Coy Bowles with the custom
"flagcaster we made for him"

click the link below to see video he did with Premiere Guitar


Check out the "Flying Ryan Brothers Band"

"Frank the 3 hum strat is all over our new record....  Thanks to you I literally have unloaded 12 guitars so far.... your guitar was the catalyst for my house cleaning -  I'm just not playing anything else much anymore THANKS!!! " Jim R


Dear Frank!

I'd like to say thank you for a wonderful instrument. It was a miracle, the guitar arrived to Berlin on the first day of the recording. I think it didn't happened accidentally, there is something mystic about it. I already tested the guitar and it sounds amazing. Our new album was recorded with this guitar (excluding a few tracks) and it became one of my favourite instruments  - Gocha K
(please check out the link to Gocha's band INSIGHT and them backing the amazing vocalist
 Nino Katamadze                                                                                                   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNhMMEQHzQ4


"There is so much detail in this guitar I never get tired of looking at it. And the tone
and feel of it is as good as if not better then any of my other high end guitars

"Frank genuinely cares that the customer is happy. I have been through many guitars, but
there are only few I never plan to sell . They are "the ones", those I can't pass by without
playing for an hour or 2. Verrilli's is one of those. A keeper in the true sense of the word"
 - A. Smith

"Guitar arrived today. Spectacular.....
Plays great, sounds great, and looks great!
Thanks for taking the time and building such
a terrific guitar for me"  - Brian T

"the makeover job you did on my old jap guitar brought it to life
I can't stop playing it...."   - Jeff L

"received the guitar today and it is fabulous! (I have to admit I was a little nervous about
purchasing a guitar that I have never played) but man I like everything about it.
the feel, the sound combinations, the weight,the aging, the fret work, neck, and the looks
Frank, you are truly an artist... thanks " - Paul U

"Holy S…..  I can’t believe you turned my MIM strat into a $3,000
Custom Guitar"   - Robert R

"The makeover you did on my  MIM Tele looks, sounds and plays as good
as my  custom shop guitars. Thanks so much Frank, I’ll be sending you another one "
 - David N

"Frank Thanks so much for helping me decide on the neck specs. The guitar
plays perfect and feels so comfortable and looks incredible.
This is my favorite guitar now"   - Jay

Guitar arrived and haven't been able to put it down . The photos looked good,
but in person, I see so much attention to detail you give it and it feels so comfortable
I didn't  have to change a thing. Thanks so much  - Jim V

"Frank was a incredible to deal with before, during and after the job"  - Thom M

"just want to let you know the guitar arrived safe and sound.
What a great sounding and playing guitar. It certainly feels broken

"Received the guitar. I played it for 2 straight hours.... I couldn't put it down
It's superb looks. True vintage vibe and now I know it's true vintage tone
were enchanting"   - R M

"INCREDIBLE VIBE....   truly a custom guitar. Frank you are truly and artist
THANKS!!!   - S S

"STUNNING.... "  - F F

"The guitar has a great feel and balance. Like the center of gravity is in the right place. And the variety of tones are so strong. Plugged or unplugged. The real beauty is in the neck. (aside from it being pleasing to look at ) it plays great all over the neck (some guitars don’t play good in certain areas) I am extremely happy with your guitar Frank. One can appreciate the craftsmanship you put into It. Can’t wait to play it in the studio!! THANKS!! "  - E I

If you would like a quote on a custom guitar
or give your existing guitar a makeover
Please call 770 806 1717

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